NASA Suspects That President Trump Is Being Controlled By An Alien Life Form.

January 21st, 2017

Washington DC: NASA released a statement today that they are investigating whether US President Donald Trump is being used as a host for an Alien life form that is disguised as his hair.

“We feel that it is very suspicious that his hair has not changed in 70 years. Plus his skin color is very unusual for a normal Human.” NASA spokesperson Buzz Gemini told RFN reporter Andy Mocksham.

When informed of the investigation, President Trump lashed out at NASA.

“NASA is fake people, totally fake! They never went to the Moon, it was all staged and filmed in Nevada. I have been to area 51 and I saw the set. Bigly bunch of hooey.”

“Everybody knows how strong I am when it comes to illegal aliens in this country. If I find out that there are aliens here from outer space I will build a big beautiful force field that will surround the US and I will make these aliens pay for it!”

“I had the largest margin of victory that any President has ever had and I did not need any aliens to do it.”

The president was visibly upset and as he walked away his skin began to glow a bright orange and his hair began to move wildly in the air.


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