Hillary Clinton Returns To Her Home Planet

November 10th, 2016

Area 51 Nevada:  Former US Secretary Of State and Democratic candidate for President Hillary Clinton has departed Earth for her home planet of Talos IV.

Before she left, she granted an interview with RFN reporter Andy Mocksham at area 51 in Nevada.

“It is time for Bill and me to leave the planet that we truly love and for us to resume our normal lives on Talos IV,” she told Mocksham.

“On my planet, we have the ability to distort reality and create the illusion and fantasy that each person really wants. On Talos IV Bill and I can live the illusion that we are both simultaneously the leader of the free world, and we can do it at a much younger age.”

“And Bill can have all the interns he wants.” she snickered.

When asked if there were other aliens from Talos IV or other planets here on Earth she smiled but refused to answer.

Then she said that she and Bill needed to return to Talos IV before Captain Pike and the Federation Starship Enterprise reach the Talos star system in 2267.

“We cannot upset the Star Trek timeline, too many Trekkies would be angry and upset” she snorted.

“Also, we want to leave before ICE finds us and forcibly deports us.”


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