Oregon Man Discovers “G” Spot

February 19th, 2017

Garibaldi, OR: Garibaldi Oregon resident Leslie Muffin was ecstatic that after 5 years together, her husband Marion finally located the famous “G” spot.

In an interview with RFN reporter Andy Mocksham, Leslie almost could not contain her joy,

“It’s been so long that I was just thinking he gave up looking for it!

I am thrilled and delighted, I hope he finds it again someday soon!” She orated.

Marion explained it this way to Mocksham,

“I go by it all the time and just never think about it really, I had no idea that Leslie would get so excited about such a thing. It’s just a freakin spot for God’s sake I mean really…Hello!”

Leslie is so enamored by her husband’s discovery that she is considering spending more time with him now that he knows where the spot is.

“I am so excited, I just might spend a little less time with my girlfriends!”


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