President Trump Says That he Will Put His Name On New Health Care Bill If Paid A Big Enough Licensing Fee.

March 9th, 2017

Washington, DC: US President Trump, who loves to be paid licensing fee’s whenever someone wants his brand on something, said today that he will place his name on the new GOP health care bill called the “American Health Care Act” if paid a large enough licensing fee.

RFN reporter Andy Mocksham asked the President today why the new bill was not called “Trump Care” like the ACA was named after his predecessor President Obama.

“Obama is not a businessman Mocksham. He had no idea how to profit from this office. I am the most powerful man in the world and I will not put my name on this piece of crap legislation unless the lobbyists pay me to do it.”

“How big of a fee? I will take 10% of whatever the Health Insurance companies get in profit from the bill. Should be a very bigly fee. Tremendous. Yuuuge”

“I am not interested in notoriety unless I am getting paid to be notorious. These lobbyists get paid a lot of money, I know, I have spent a lot of green on them in my life.”

“It’s payback time bitches.”


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