Trumps Bluff Gets Called And He Folds

March 24th,2017

Washington, DC:  The AHCA is dead. It died a very quick and painful death for all of the wealthy who were expecting a huge windfall from the tax breaks built into the bill. President Trump and the entire GOP have been promising for seven years that they were going to repeal Obamacare. Now we know that it was all a lie to get votes.

RFN reporter Andy Mocksham was able to speak to the president over his unsecured Samsung galaxy phone. When asked why he told speaker Ryan to pull the bill and kill it, he responded:

“Mocksham, we had to do it. Both the CBO and OMB analysis showed us that it would collapse the entire health care system of the USA and then the economy. I will spin it to blame the Democrats like I always do.”

“The truth is that the private for-profit health care system is failing, not Obama care. No way that I and the rest of the Republicans can admit that because the health insurance lobby is so strong.”

“I guess we had our bluff called when people realized that the ACHA was really just a huge tax cut for me and my millionaire friends.”

“Now we have to try to do that out in the open.”


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