Putin offers to broadcast Trumps trial on global pay per view

August 5th, 2017

Moscow, Russia:      Russian President Vladimir Putin offered to buy the global television rights to US President Trumps trial for collusion and obstruction of justice, and to broadcast it globally on pay per view.

RFN reporter Andy Mocksham was on vacation in Russia and traveled to Moscow for an interview with  President Putin about his proposal.

When asked why he wanted the broadcast rights to any possible Trump trial, Putin replied:

“ Why wouldn’t I? This is going to be the trial of the century. An American President was being aided by, financed by, and influenced by a foreign government.”

“This is historical.”

“Besides, Trump is a businessman, Yes? He will understand the need to use the profits from a global pay per view audience of his trial to repay his debts to Russia.”

“There is no bankruptcy option with our loans Mr. Mocksham.”

“I offer to give the US treasury a small percentage of the profits. That should be enough to pay back your national debt to China.”

“Ironically, Donald will be keeping his promise to reduce the deficit.” Putin said as he smiled really big and looked  to the west.”

” I am so excited to watch the proceedings myself.”

Putin Popcorn


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