Trump and Putin Tie For First Place on Project Runway

November 12th, 2017

Danang, Vietnam:      In last nights season finale of project runway, a fashion design competition reality show, Russian and American Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump tied for first place and were named co-winners of the competition.

The final competition was to see who could design the best traditional Vietnamese shirt. The judges could not decide which was best between the two competing designs. Controversy followed the show as rumors spread that Putin had aided Trump in his design and had influenced the judging.

RFN reporter Andy Mocksham was at the show and afterward asked a few questions for The winners regarding the final outcome. When asked if Putin had interfered in the judge’s decision Trump responded;

“Listen here Andy, I have to say that we both looked fantastic. Vlady and I should both have won with these designs and he assured me that he did not have anything to do with it. I believe him.”

I know that our designs are practically identical, so what? Great minds think alike right?”

When asked the same question, Putin answered;

“Have you ever tried to design an award-winning garment under the pressure of competition Mocksham? If not I can arrange that experience for you if you don’t stop asking so many ridiculous questions for your fake news.”

“Besides this happened before with my good friend George W. Bush and no one questioned the outcome back then. Why such a big deal now?

“Run along now and play fake news with the losers.”

bush n putin twinning




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