The Last Bee On Earth Continues To Gather Pollen

December 15th, 2018

Las Pampas, Argentina: The last bee left on earth continues to work gathering pollen and making honey. Local former apiarist Juan Schultz noticed the lonely worker bee when he was admiring the rhododendrons that were blooming in the South American spring sunshine.

“I got so excited, I haven’t seen any bees ever since the summer of 2017 when Monsanto released their latest version of roundup. We have all been told that bees have gone extinct. Maybe she has a hive with a queen and some drones.”

“I am going to try and tag her with an RFID chip to see where she takes the pollen and hopefully I can bring the hive to a safe place that is weed killer and GMO-free, if that even exists anymore, I don’t know.”

Monsanto spokesperson Alice Glyphosate told RFN reporter Andy Mocksham that the company is pleasantly surprised that a bee was found in Argentina, and that this proves that roundup is not responsible for the global bee colony collapse.

“We are still moving forward with our new GMO seeds that do not need pollinating and our synthetic high-grade GMO honey” She stated.

“Long live the bees”!


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