White House Forces Entire Staff to undergo Plumbing classes to stop leaks

February 27th,2017

Washington DC:    Sources inside the White House have leaked that communications director Sean Spicer held a meeting with the entire staff in an attempt to stop further leaks inside the administration.

In a phone conversation with RFN reporter Andy Mocksham, our clandestine White House source whom we will only call “Liquid Plumber” let this leak out,

“Spicey ordered all of us into his office for a closed-door bitch out session. He told us that there are entirely way too many leaks and he ordered us to all attend a local plumbing class on how to prevent and repair leaks.”

“Then he ordered us all to place our phones on his desk and told us that they were all going to be checked for water and other types of leaks.”

“When we got our phones back they all had a do it yourself plumber app called ‘Leak stopper’ installed on them.”

“Then we were all handed a bucket with a bag of rags and were told that we were to carry them with us at all times and that if we spotted any leaks we were to promptly stuff them with the rags and place the bucket underneath it.”

“Then use the phone app to repair it.”


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