President Trump meets with Health Insurance Death Panel

February 28th,2017

Washington, DC:     US President Trump held a meeting yesterday with a death panel of the nations largest health insurance company CEO’s.

They discussed the most favorable way to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or Obama care as it is most commonly called.

While no one specific type of plan was decided on, they all agreed that the best way to proceed was to only cover healthy young people.

Americans with pre-existing conditions and the elderly would all be left to fight over a drastically reduced pool of Medicaid and Medicare funding until they all filed for bankruptcy and died off.

This would maximize profits and make their shareholders very happy, ensuring the highest possible bonuses and compensation packages for each of the respective CEO’s and their board of directors.

RFN reporter Andy Mocksham was able to ask the President a few questions after the meeting.

When asked if such a plan would do irreparable damage to the medical industry and the very fabric of American society, even possibly causing it to collapse, the president replied.

“Mocksham, I like you. You are the only fake news reporter I will ever talk to. Yes, the American health care system and society could fall apart bigly if we move to a vouchering or healthier savings account type of system, but sometimes you have to tear something down in order to make it even biglyer”

“Who would have thought that profiting from health care and boosting Wall Street was so complicated?”

“Besides, when all that bad stuff happens I will just blame all the sick people.”


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