Attorney General Sessions Says That He And Others Were Just Interested In Russian Brides.

March 2nd,2017

Washington, DC: Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a statement that he was recusing himself from any investigation into meetings between him and other Trump campaign operatives with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

He insisted that he and the others in question were just interested in finding a Russian bride and that the ambassador knew “A lot of beautiful single women who might be interested in marrying an American. This had nothing to do with the election at all.”

In a brief face to face with RFN reporter Andy Mocksham, the Attorney General said this.

“All of the guys in question here for having a meeting or two with Sergey were just curious about finding a Bride. Manafort, Flynn, Page, Stone and myself would all love to find one.”

“Those eastern European women are smoking hot Mocksham. Have you seen the first lady?”

“Jumpin jambalaya she is out of this world!”

“I am an older gentleman for sure but a man is never too old to start over again in love. The President has done it many times and leads by example”

“Just because there is snow on the chimney doesn’t mean that there isn’t a fire burning in the stove Hahahaha.”


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