US Lawyers Salivating over new GOP Health Care Law.

March 12th, 2017

Washington, DC:    Lawyers all across the USA are ecstatic over the new proposed Republican health care law. While the American Bar Association has not made an official statement on the American Health Care Act or AHCA, the word on the street among American attorneys is “ Colligenda Bona,”or,” Collect the Goods.” in lay terminology.

RFN reporter Andy Mocksham had lunch with bankruptcy attorney Keen Conniver at a downtown Washington DC diner. When asked how the AHCA would benefit the litigators across the USA he almost could not contain himself,

“Oh my God Andy, this law is a lawyer dream come true.”

“All aspects of the law that pertains to health care will just explode.”

“And not just health care. It will affect the entire spectrum of US law from business, civil rights, estate planning, family, labor, personal injury and of course the big kahuna and my specialty, bankruptcy.”

“And not just personal bankruptcies. We are talking about huge bankruptcies of entire medical clinics and hospitals. This is going to be huge!”

“In fact, the only downside is that many doctors also minored in law and can easily pass the Bar exam and suck away a lot of the action. One of my doctor friends has already taken the exam and is ready to open his own practice representing all of his patients who will have to file bankruptcy soon after the AHCA becomes the law of the land.”

“Until that happens, long live the AHCA and Casus Fortuitus!”

“I gotta run Andy, I have an appointment with my investment guy. I am thinking about buying that vacation house in the Bahamas that I have always dreamed of.”

“Here is my card for when you get sick and then dropped by your health insurance.”


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