Galactic Emperor Palpatine Claims That Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice Unmasked Him and others.

April 6th, 2017

Earth Near Orbit: Galactic Empire Emperor Palpatine shocked the Galaxy with claims that the Obama administration National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, unmasked him and gained access to his personal and private activities.

The Dark Lord held a press conference and blamed the Obama administration for trying to spy on him and his galactic empire.

RFN reporter Andy Mocksham was able to meet up with Emperor Palpatine while he was on Earth, meeting with world leaders in an undisclosed location in a major world capital.

When asked why what Susan Rice did was any different than what any other NSA head would do, the Emperor said:

“ I grow tired of this planets petty partisan politics. I could care less if you unmask me as the Galactic Emperor. Yes, I also dealt with Putin. And Merkel. And Xi Jinping. Why wouldn’t I?

“But now I have to deal with that Idiot Trump. So I have to direct attention away from his stupidity by having him still blame everything on Obama.”

“But what really made me laugh was when Trump tried to unmask Lord Vader.”

“We are all still laughing about that one.”


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