President Trump becomes a Muslim

May 21st, 2017

Mecca, Saudi Arabia:    US President Donald Trump stunned the world tonight by reciting the first of the five pillars of Islam, the “Shahada” with Saudi King Salman becoming the very first US President to officially profess the Islamic faith.

RFN reporter Andy Mocksham was present at the ceremony and was able to speak to the President immediately afterward. He asked the President why he became a Muslim after all his anti-Muslim rhetoric his whole life.

“Mocksham, I said that I was going to be the President of all the people, all the religions. I have discovered that Islam is the worlds largest, most fantastic faith let me tell you, and after I found out that we all worship the same God and all then it was an easy decision for me to make.”

“I am pretty sure that I can be both a Christian and a Muslim. No one has told me otherwise.”

“What’s the big deal anyway, I wasn’t even a Christian till I decided to run for President!”


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