Trump Cancels Deal With Cuba, Names Marco Rubio As Governor Of New Colony

June 17th, 2017

Miami, Florida: President Trump fulfilled his campaign promise to repeal the Obama deal that removed the decades-old embargo on the tropical nation and US neighbor, Cuba. He then declared it a US colony and named Florida senator Marco Rubio it’s new colonial governor.

RFN reporter Andy Mocksham flew to Miami for the speech and then met up with the President. When asked why he declared Cuba a US colony, Trump responded:

“Cuba is a huge mess Mocksham. I remember back in the day in the 1950’s when Bautista was the President. US corporations ran the island and made 90% of the profits. There were bigly casinos and tons of profit. It was so amazing, that I can tell you”

I am going to make Cuba great again.”

When reminded that back then the island was uneducated and impoverished and that today Cuba now has the highest literacy rate and best medical care in Latin America, the President responded:

“Literacy schmiteracy. What good is education and good health to US corporations?”

“Profits Mocksham”


“Marco will whip big Havana into shape just like he did little Havana”

“Viva Cuba!”


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