President Trump Gets Bumped From Air Force One After it is Privatized To United Airlines.

July 13th, 2017

Andrews Air Force Base, Va: President Trump was bumped off of Air Force One on its flight to Paris, France yesterday by United Airlines after it was awarded the contract to operate all of the US Air Force Special Air Mission aircraft and operations. The President was flown to Paris on a later flight.

RFN reporter Andy Mocksham was also on board Air Force One and was one of the passengers bumped by the strict United SAM seating rules. He later asked United Spokesperson Gratis Surcharge why the President and others were told that they had to disembark and catch a later flight:

“Our Air Force Special Air mission contract was specifically designed to make transporting executive branch personnel profitable. This made it necessary to charter out the service. The White House travel staff did not book out this flight fast enough so someone else had priority.”

When asked who booked ahead of the White House, Surcharge said:

“The Kremlin needed a bigger plane to carry all of the Russian lawyers and media.”

“Turns out that Putin really loves Air Force one and United Airlines.”

Putin air force one


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