President Trump Asks NASA To Find Missing White House Staff

August 19th, 2017

Bedminster, New Jersey:      NASA confirmed today that President Trump has ordered the agency to conduct a search for his missing cabinet members.

RFN reporter Andy Mocksham went with the President on his morning round of golf at Trumps summer White House in Bedminster New Jersey. He asked the President why he felt that NASA needed to search for missing cabinet members. Trump replied;

“They are the experts at alien abductions Mocksham. Haven’t you ever watched the X files?”

When asked why he felt that aliens are abducting his staff, Trump answered back;

“Where else could they have gone? It seems like every time I look up from making a tweet another one is missing.”

“Good God Andy. First General Flynn. Then Comey, Bharara, Dubke, Shaub, Spicey, Priebus, Short, Harvey, the Mooch and now Banny Banana Bannon. My entire business advisory council. I can’t even remember all of them anymore. The only ones the aliens haven’t touched is my religious advisory council, and to be honest I can understand why, those people freak me out bigly. Every time I see them they put their hands on me and start speaking really funny.”

“Pretty soon the only people left will be all these religious nuts and the voices inside my head.”

“NASA better not blow this or I will have no choice but to get rid of the whole agency.”

Trumps religous council


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